The Anti-Black Racists Things Biden Has Done Up To This Point

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9 min readDec 7, 2021

If you so happen to watch CNN, MSNBC, NPR, or any other democrat/liberal media outlet to get your news (although I really can’t imagine why), the general basis from which they report every news topic is “everything the democrats do is correct, completely righteous, and as pure as the wind-driven snow, and everything the republicans do is big, bad, and evil.”

That being the case, if we’re judging by their standards, that would mean anyone who supports or who is a part of the democratic party, by default, would be incapable of practicing anti-black racism. Because after all, the left routinely calls out the right for its practices and instances of bigotry, and supposedly they’re the party on black people’s side.

When Trump was in office, the leftist media outlets had all-you-can eat buffet of sounds bites from Trump’s many bigoted rantings and documentation of his white supremacists practices with which to demonize the republican party. And, there’s no logical argument to make on behalf of the republican party that they aren’t inherently racist. Hell many of the republicans come from slave-owning families (shout out George W. Bush and Mitch McConnel). I’m sure the racist ideology of their forefathers didn’t get passed down to them or anything (wink wink nudge nudge).

That said, when it’s time for the left to deal with the members of their own party who practice systematic racism, they’re quiet as a church on Tuesdays. And, these days, that’s especially true when it comes to calling out the anti-black racism that the very Commander in Chief is guilty of. There is no doubt Trump is a full-fledged racist, most certainly, but Biden has been a steadfast and consistent orchestrator of some of the vilest and destructive practices and policies that have contributed to the absolute decimation of generations in black society.

The dems and the repubs might disagree on many things, but one thing they can always find a way to work across the aisle on is keeping black people at the absolute bottom of American society. And, foolishly so, many black people would prefer to believe that there’s no way the democrats could be inherently racist like their republican counterparts.

The fact of the matter is that many of us as black people grew up with parents and relatives who “just voted democrat because that’s what we’ve always done,” and we were never taught to actually demand tangibles and benefits from our politicians (like literally every other group you can think of).

Furthermore, we’ve been taught that if a politician (or white people in general) doesn’t come out and say they hate black people and if they don’t verbalize how they want black people to be destroyed as a collective, that there’s no way they can be racist. There’s no difference between the right and the left where black people are concerned; they only have disagreements as to how white people should run America, not whether or not white people should or shouldn’t run it all. They’re in full agreement on, as Abraham Lincoln himself put it, the “superior position assigned to the white race” in American society.

Many black people see the left and right squabbling about different issues and assume both sides are diametrically opposed to one another when, in fact, they’re in conjunction. Their only beef is about the differences in which they think is the best way to carry out the white status quo.

As our master teacher Neely Fuller said, white supremacy loves taking both sides of an argument so that no matter the outcome of a situation, it always comes out the winner. Take the Civil War for instance. Both the north and the south believed in the principle that the white man should assume the superior position over the black man.

However, the north looked at what the south was doing in regards to chattel slavery and understood, if a ruling power’s oppression against a people is too blatantly brutal and overt, the people you’re oppressing will come to the conclusion they have nothing to lose in rebelling against and overthrowing you.

They’ll come to the conclusion that it’s better to die than to live under certain conditions. The north understood that oppression has to be covert and subtle. Nazi Germany’s oppression of the ethnic European Jews during the Holocaust was an example of oppression that was too out-in-the-open and blatent, which was a type of mistreatment the Nazi regime couldn’t really justify to the rest of the world.

Keep in mind, lynching was still a common practice during the years the US was involved in World World II. Additionally, Jim Crow and segregation were at their height during that same time, so much so that the United States military itself was segregated–the same military that was supposed to be liberating Europe.

In a nutshell, there is one faction of white supremacists who believe in being able to practice their mistreatment of black people unapologetically and openly (republicans), and there’s another faction that believe the most efficient and effective way to conduct the system of white supremacy is by implementing it gradually and underhandedly, for the purposes of making the masses more accepting and indifferent of the suffering and brutality did against their fellow black American citizens, even other black people.

And, this, essentially, is the embodiment of the democrats–the party who black people have faithfully and unquestionably supported for decades. The left is simply the party that doesn’t believe in calling black people the n-word verbally, but, instead, believes in calling black people the n-word with their policies, which are demonstrably detrimental to the black community. Whereas, the only difference between them and the right is that the right just comes out and says they’re against black people’s progress verbally.

That said, to the black people out there who think I’m just being hyperbolic in my assessment of democrats’ behavior and action towards black people–because, unfortunately, too many of us don’t want to believe there are a group of people can be that dedicated to another people’s destruction simply for being born a particular skin color (especially the democrats)–I wanted to provide for you a list all the anti-black racist things Joe “the bigot” Biden has done up until this point. Take from this list whatever you wish.

  1. When Joe Biden was a senator in 1970, he was interviewed by a Delaware-based weekly newspaper on his stance on integration. His response was. “I don’t feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather, I feel responsible for what the situation is today, for the sins of my own generation, and I’ll be damned if I feel responsible to pay for what happened 300 years ago.”
  2. At U.S. Sen. John C. Stennis’ birthday party in back in August of 1985, Joe Biden gave a speech to honor Stennis where he likened his strong leadership qualities to that of Stonewall Jackson, a Confederate general of the American Civil War.
  3. In 1975, Joe Biden championed a bill that would limit the power of courts to order school desegregation in the states.
  4. On July 1, 2003, Joe Biden eulogized Sen. James Strom Thurmond, a well-known, hardcore, stomp-down, segregationalist.
  5. The American ghettos, where black people have been deliberately concentrated to around the entire country, are a product of redlining, which is a white supremacist policy that covertly segregated black people away from white neighborhoods. These areas were and are deprived of resources by local, state, and federal government agencies (shout out Flint, Michigan), and, therefore, crime is high in these areas because in any place where resources are limited there will be a high crime rate. This social dynamic is not just exclusive to black neighborhoods, despite how Fox News harps on and on about what’s going on in Chicago. Joe Biden, while in the Senate wrote and championed the ’94 Crime Bill, which he, himself, proudly dubbed “Biden’s Law.” This law incentivized states, at the tune of more than 12 billion dollars, to match their laws with federal guidelines on how to carry out law enforcement. Being that black people disproportionately live in areas where their impoverishment is deliberately manufactured, Joe Biden sponsored a bill that overwhelmingly polices and criminalizes black communities across America. This bill was instrumental in the rocket propulsion of mass incarceration among millions of black people, which, in turn, destroyed countless generations of black households. Biden has not apologized for being a part of this nor has he proposed any corrective action.
  6. During his election run for the presidency in 2020, Joe Biden promised to establish a Task Force on Prosecutorial Discretion in order to deal with the issue of rampant, racist violence against black people and the hands of police officers. Up until this point, Biden has been in office almost a year, and there’s been no mention of this since.
  7. In an interview with Lenard McKelvey during Biden’s campaign run, Biden said that if black people didn’t vote for him then they weren’t really black.
  8. In June of 2020 during his run for the presidency, Biden put forth a plan to use part of a $300 billion spending bill to add more police officers in what he called an investment in community policing efforts. He proposed this without taking into consideration, purposefully, all factions of law enforcement have been infiltrated by white supremacists to some capacity.
  9. During his election run for candidacy, Joe Biden had a Zoom meeting with some supposed “civil rights icons,” and, when they asked what the benefits black people were supposed to get for voting for Joe Biden, his response was “You guys are going to start having to work more with the Hispanics.” He’s never said that the Hispanic community nor any other community needed to work with us. He has, however, proposed specific tangibles and resources for other non-black communities, for the sake of using those communities to undercut black people socially. He’s even gone as far as proposing reparations for people who aren’t even citizens but has never proposed reparations for the descendants of American slaves to answer for centuries of bondage, torture, rape, and murder under slavery and another century government-black racist laws and policies.
  10. When the Afghan crisis occurred back in August 2021 where the Taliban overtook the Afghanistan government, Biden not only provided a pathway for the refugees to come to America and work their way to citizenship but also asked Congress for 6.4 billion dollars to aid 95,000 people fleeing to America. Yet, when the US border crisis occurred in Del Rio, TX, those black Haitians who were pleading with the US to allow them access in order to escape the hostile conditions of their country were mass deported. There was no money for them nor a path to citizenship.

But then again, maybe I’m wrong in my assessment. Maybe the dems aren’t just as racist as the republicans. Maybe the democratic party is, as so many black people like to claim, “the lesser of 2 evils.” Maybe there is someone out there who can school me on the topic at hand. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Feel free to make your opinion known in the comment section. And, as always, family…

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