Put It in a Book (Poem)

Once they see a black person wrote it
society pauses before reading,
which they don’t do with Brad and Becky’s shit.
But, with yours, their expectations and stereotypes come coupled and proceeding.

For, if you’re simply devoted to the craft like Poe was
and if, in your material, you’re not smooching white cheeks,
white society, unlike with Brad and Becky, will say we’re angry
and bitter
and will never hold us in his same regard.
And, the saddest of all, black society won’t even give us the courtesy of a peek.

From the Soul,



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The Stormy Poet

Published Author. Wordsmith. Poet. Social & Politcal Commentator. Black Justice Advocacy. Relationship Adviser. Podcaster. (https://linktr.ee/TheStormyPoet)