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I profusely prayed for cold in mid-winter
the blossom of a kind of tree I knew all too well
was unnatural in January
even in a Crockpot state like Texas.

While the mindless merrily praised what felt like April, when humid masses gusts from The Gulf to engulf the Lone Star’s May flowers with spring showers,
I remained sickly aware of the deceptively soaking sunshine’s sinister tone.

The Maker purposefully meant for our Earth to periodically sleep, not for the horsefly, the ant, the gecko, or the snake to constantly buzz and creep. For the green, the furry, and…

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Once again, the month of February has inevitably fallen upon us. Various timelines of multiple social media platforms will, undoubtedly, be littered with videos, linked articles, and memes pertaining to who was “the first black person to do this or that,” “the black person who invented the first such-and-such,” or “the ‘fill in the blank’ African American who fought against racism using peace and forgiveness.”

It persists every February of every year with the steadiness of a glacier’s movement, and it’s that very same routine and watered-down procession that grinds and crushes the foundation of the legacy of…

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This fantasy is of an ager.
No doubt, kiddy minds flop this notion.
No hesitations stall my wager.
And, with this maturity so major,
you’d, too, bet pride, with hasty motion.

It bears no sexual cliche ties,
contrary to childish assumption.
Those guttered minds soon realize,
intercourse stands as no solo prize,
with our thoughts warmed by Fall conjunctions.

Fall’s leaves’ reddening is as our crush.
My Colorado’s heat blocks all chills.
Traffic concerns us not. Where’s the rush?
The radio knob is slapped, to “hush”.
Of those tales, from her work, I want my fill.

Both our brisk steps…

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Of course, there are more talking points than what I included, and I plan on doing some follow-ups to this piece to cover more of them. But, I thought I would just give the first 9 that popped into my head as a starter.

1. What about black-on-black crime (aka “Look at what’s happening in Chicago right now)?:

Collectively, black people all over the world live in areas that are deliberately starved of resources by racist policymakers for the purposes of preventing black people from establishing a prosperous and self-sufficient economy. This creates impoverished conditions, and any area that…

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When white pages transition to a toasted amber,
my imagination is provoked to frolic freely
fretting not of limitations.

I especially gush with glee at the sight of paper and hardbacks older than me.

I’ve learned over time books desire to be weathered, tattered, and scattered amongst a plethora of fingerprints, softly reciting lips, and scanning eyes.
Stains of coffee, Earl Grey, or Cabernet are ones they see as tattoos doing justice to their existence — ones they can boast about on their thrown shelf to any onlooker of how frequently people felt compelled to pear upon their leafy glory.

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The majority of us already know, the system racism/white supremacy expresses itself in every area of our society. However, when the subject of racism is discussed, the focal point tends to be the symptoms of racism rather than its root cause.

Typically, the expression of racism in our society gets chalked up to people just being ignorant or people who have some inexplicable hatred or bigotry for non-white people. Very seldom is the question asked, how did this concept called racism (white and black) even get started.

And, better yet, why was it created. In this edition of #PoethnicJustice

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Eye Wall Comrades,

Due to my faith, I don’t believe in the death penalty. I do, however, believe in rehabilitation, but I understand the society we live in isn’t one conducive to producing the type of effective rehabilitation an anti-black bigot needs. Therefore, I believe if one takes a life intentionally, especially if you do so under the inspiration of racism, you deserve to be in prison for the rest of your time here on this planet.

In other words, let the punishment fit the crime. You took a life, so you have to give up your life of the…

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If you’re not right with yourself emotionally and mentally, you’re completely useless in the way of doing anything constructive to challenge the unjust system of racism. That’s the long and short of it.

For all of our lives, through various forms of propaganda, black people and the rest of society have been taught that we’re not fully human and that we’re never the victims of anything, regardless of how severely we get mistreated. In turn, we internalize these notions and act them out. Also, we subconsciously expect other black people to embody those notions.

We tell ourselves and each…

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If You’re Going to Date a

…I feel you should let you know.
You’ll find no one with a romance brighter
or, yet, who can equally kill a glow.

Get ready to hear heavy truths —
the kind you’ve evaded all your life.
Rather than tell you what soothes,
they’d rather spare you future knives.

So you mustn’t, they’ve spent many a night
up pondering and studying what things doom man,
deciding how to word things just right
to extend you forethought with which to plan.

So that countless may over-stand, they slave, persistent in molding minds. So, please…

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I remember when I was used to “duke it out” with insensitive and empathy-less racists in the comment section of various sites. I actually used to browse through sites like aka, vanguard, and storm front solely for the sake of batting down racist comments expressing kudos to anti-black propaganda material–comments of agreement that was based on no data, logic, or context.

The exchanges would normally become visceral, with either I or the other party(ies) resorting to vulgar name-calling, and I used to be of the mindset if I got that last word in or got the person…

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